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“Telemedicine is the future of universal healthcare, and also your present”

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With Telemedicine distance is not an issue

Advances in information and communication technology have not only brought people closer at a global scale but have also opened up a whole new range of possibilities in dealing with the patient and establishing an early diagnosis.

Teleconsultation and telediagnosis are part of this technological revolution in medicine, which now allows us to exchange views with a specialist or to consult a patient/doctor who is thousands of miles away, saving time and money, and providing an immediate and efficient service.

Telemonitoring allows us to perform accurate real-time tracking

Likewise, thanks to the development of robotics and its application in telemonitoring we can carry out accurate and real-time monitoring of biomedical patterns, whose subsequent bioinformatic analysis allows for the early identification of possible anomalous changes in the patient’s health, even when these alterations are very subtle and have not yet given rise to pathological processes.

At Mederyx we give these tools a global perspective, seeking to optimize processes and provide a personalized service that awards our patients and their families with the security of having a professional tending to their health 24 hours a day.

We make the technology available to the patient and his/her physician, through telemedicine and telemonitoring, and we do it in two ways:

Our goal is to ensure your health

The aim is for patients, their caregivers, family or friends to rest assured knowing that someone is always watching over their health, ensuring that everything goes well, and at the same time patients can solve their doubts and concerns with the least interruption to their lives and daily activities.

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