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The Mederyx team

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Specialized in the most advanced medicine

We are a team of health professionals and bioinformatics with almost 20 years of experience in Medicine and Molecular Biology.



Specialist in Family and Community Medicine

Carlos has worked in health care in a fundamental way, making special emphasis on multiple pathology and disease prevention.
He has worked as a doctor in the UK’s National Health Service, has extensive experience in health technology and has been a partner in several international innovation and research projects (7th Framework Program and Horizon 2020 in the European Union).



PhD in biology, Specialist in Genomics and Medical Genetics

She has based her career on the interpretation of diseases based on genetics, from basic research in several national and international universities to the study of sanitary pathologies.



Nutrition Coach

Silvia has a degree in Biology and a Master in Nutrition and Dietetics. With experience in food safety and quality control, as well as nutrition and dietetics teaching. Specialized in nutritional coaching techniques based on scientific evidence. She integrates the most advanced studies in nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.



Bioinformatics of Mederyx

Rocio has a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Málaga and is Technical Doctor responsible for the Bioinformatics Unit of the Supercomputing and Bioinformatics Center of the University of Málaga (SCBI).

Dedicated to bioinformatic data analysis tasks since 2007 in the SCBI Bioinformatics Unit, she has proven experience in the analysis of biological data, numerous published articles and has participated in different research projects.
At present, she is part of the R + D + i team at the University of Málaga.

About us

Made up of a group of professionals from the fields of Health, Biology, Genetics and Bioinformatics, Mederyx assumes the challenge of providing a practical sense to advances that are occurring daily, with the aim of improving our patients’ quality of life, making them first person participants in such an exciting era for Medicine, but also of being a link between traditional medicine and advances that until recently were considered science-fiction, helping health professionals to familiarise themselves with these new techniques and being able to incorporate them into their daily practice as a tool to support decision-making.

  • We improve quality of life for our patients

  • We are the link between traditional and advanced medicine

  • We give practical meaning to advances in medicine

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Mederyx philosophy

Our activity and experience is built to offer the patient and the physician Precision Medicine or Personalised Medicine services, which integrate the latest technological advances in the context of a personal and familial clinical history.

The collaboration between physicians, molecular biologists/geneticists and bioinformatics is what ensures that our assessment is performed in a holistic and realistic way, combining the experience of traditional medicine with the advantage of the most advanced diagnostic methods.

Our patients are placed at the forefront of modern medicine, as we incorporate the latest advances that are occurring in healthcare, always from a scientific and evidence-based perspective.

Mederyx Services

At the forefront of medical advances

The Mederyx team has experience in research and care ethics, so we are always up-to-date on the latest advances in Medicine and only incorporate those that have proven effective and that may be disruptive to health care. We always ensure that the ethical and confidentiality principles are kept and we are the first ones to defend them.

Our goal is to provide patient and doctor with the best instruments of assessment and diagnosis to determine any risk of becoming ill, as well as finding the most modern treatments available, in a personalized way.

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Be the first to benefit from advances in medicine

We provide the latest best healthcare available, that considers the stage of life and the particular needs of the individual.

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