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Personalized and Precision Medicine

At Mederyx we focus on providing our patients with as many years of quality of life as possible, based on risk assessment.

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Personalized Medicine

At Mederyx we offer you tailored solutions taking into account the following factors:

  • We consider all common risk factors related to illness.

  • We add your molecular genetic profile, analysing the latest biochemical parameters which have been linked to specific conditions.

  • We analyse the patient’s genome, which will determine both their predisposition to certain illnesses as well as the individual response to drugs or any other treatments.

With the gathered data, the patient becomes a travelling companion who will be able to have the latest advances in medicine, including the most disruptive ones which we will witness in the coming years.

The secrets of the human genome are unravelling and we are becoming aware of new relationships between our genes and pathological conditions. In addition, therapies are already being customized in relation to the genetic and molecular configuration of each patient.

The clearest example is found in cancer therapy, but progress is also being made in gene therapy for for genetic diseases which have been incurable until now.

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