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Family Medicine

“The closest treatment with the most advanced medicine”

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A closer treatment with advanced medicine

In recent years, the personal and close treatment that defines primary care is being replaced by a model in which an increasingly more administrative, computerized and depersonalized work takes priority.

At Mederyx however, we believe that technology should be at the service of people, and that is why we provide our users with the most modern tools within a model of personal attention, close and trustworthy.

A trusted doctor

In an increasingly specialized care model, it is necessary to have a trustworthy professional that serves as a link between all the specialities. For this reason, we are committed to the family doctor as your main healthcare reference, as a professional who not only knows your medical history but also your life habits, routines, and environment, who knows how to understand your concerns and solve your doubts in a precise and close manner.

Mederyx proposes a more human form of medicine, a more personalized doctor-patient relationship, comfortable and based on mutual trust.

We want to be your main healthcare reference

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