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Diagnostic Tests

“Science is improving at such an accelerated pace that today we can get results with a precision that would have been difficult to imagine years ago.”

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We get results of great precision

In Mederyx we offer patients high-resolution imaging and diagnostic tests set up with the latest technological advances, which help the medical team determine possible risk factors or to perform a specific diagnosis or therapy.

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Diagnostic tests

At Mederyx we will recommend diagnostic techniques that have demonstrated the highest accuracy in the diagnosis of each disease.

Image tests

In the case of image tests, we are able to recommend the most advanced techniques of the current moment. We can even show you the best medical centres to visit in your area of ​​residence, and we can have the results sent to us electronically so that we can discuss them with you personally at a later time.

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Our medical team has consultations available in various medical centers and also the possibility to offer solutions online through our website. Fill out our form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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