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Cookies Policy Introduction


At MEDERYX we are committed to protecting the user and all data (anonymous or not) that we collect online. In this section we inform you about how we use cookies, why they are used and how we are allowed to improve our service. We also explain how you can manage the data that stores cookies on your device. MEDERYX reserves the right to make changes to our Cookies Policy. Any of these changes will be posted here and will take effect immediately. With the continued use of our websites, the user accepts and accepts such changes.

Allow cookies

Allowing cookies provides the best browsing experience on the website. To enable cookies, see the Manage Cookies section.

Disable cookies

Deactivating cookies may decrease the user experience on the website. To disable cookies, see Manage Cookies.

Additional Information

The MEDERYX website includes buttons that users can use, in a simple and intuitive way, to link and share certain content on the web with social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. This functionality implies the use of cookies that link to the web pages of these social networks, storing the information only in them. In addition, we partner with third parties who provide services for us whose sites can be accessed from our website. These third parties may also use cookies; the user will be able to know its policy of cookies in the web pages of said third parties.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the user’s computer / smartphone / tablet when accessing certain web pages to store and retrieve information about navigation that is performed from that computer. Cookies are small pieces of information, stored in plain text files, located on your computer or device by a website. Information stored in a cookie may be related to your browsing habits on the website or with a unique identification number so the website can “remind you” on your next visit

In general, cookies do not contain personal information that identifies the user, unless you have provided such information through the website. Cookies also do not compromise the security of your computer. Cookies also do not compromise the security of your computer. MEDERYX does not use cookies to track your Internet usage with after the abandonment of our website, nor does it store any personal information that others may read and / or understand.

Cookies we use

MEDERYX uses the following types of cookies:

Session cookies are temporary and are deleted as soon as the Internet browser closes. They are designed to collect and store data while the user accesses our website.

Persistent cookies are stored on your computer or device until they expire or are deleted. The stored data can be processed for a defined period of time. These cookies store your personal preferences, such as language preferences on multilingual sites, to facilitate subsequent visits. They also recall the questions we asked earlier, such as a request to complete an online survey.

MEDERYX works with third parties who, on our behalf, investigate the use of our website and the effectiveness of our advertisements and promotions on third party websites. By doing so, they may place cookies on your device. However, these cookies do not contain any personal information that others may read and understand.

Below is a complete list of cookies used by MEDERYX, along with a brief description of what they are used for. The cookies that we catalog as our own are essential to be able to navigate normally through our websites.

  • Type of Cookie: Own
  • Information that collects: User data that is deleted as soon as it is close the browser.
  • What it is used for: Improves user browsing experience.
  • Type of Cookie: Own.
  • Information that includes: User ID per session and navigation parameters Web. DO NOT collect information to provide publicity.
  • What is used: Necessary to enjoy the options and services of the web.
  • Type of cookie: Third.
  • Information that includes: Device profile and non-identifiable information personal.
  • What it is used for: How to report user interactions in our website.

How to manage cookies?

If you want to restrict or block cookies from any website (including the MEDERYX website), you must do so through your browser settings for each browser you use, on each computer or device that is used to access the Internet. Changing browser settings will depend on the program you use, however, you can get more information through the following links:

MEDERYX does not own or sponsor the links indicated above and therefore does not assume any responsibility for its content or update.

You can also delete cookies through the settings of your web browser program. Please note that some of our services may not work if you disable cookies on your browser. You can also allow cookies from certain websites, making them “trusted websites” in your Internet browser.

MEDERYX will collect the following personal information: Name, address and email. These data are entered by the user freely in online form, through the Internet, so that the user can contract the different products and / or services, as well as respond and identify the requests made by the user.